Vegan chocolate covered strawberries

Vegan chocolate covered strawberries

September 8, 2018 0 By Vicki Brett Gach




Looking to do something romantic for that special someone in your life?Then look no further. These can be whipped   up as quickly as you can say ‘Love is in the Air’. They look beautiful, taste delicious, are quick and easy to make and are completely vegan… bonus!






Wash strawberries, and dry gently (but really well) on paper towels.

Melt the chocolate using a double boiler or microwave. Stir until very smooth.

Dip each strawberry, one at a time, into the chocolate, turning evenly to coat well. Carefully place chocolate-dipped strawberries on parchment paper.

Allow to set up either at room temperature, or in the refrigerator for a few minutes, and enjoy!


Vicki Brett Gach

Vicki is a Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator through Main Street Vegan Academy, and a Certified Personal Chef through Wellness Forum Health. She has completed training in Nutrition for a Healthy Heart, and earned a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.Check out her blog at

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