Edible Vegan Gifts Made with Love

Edible Vegan Gifts Made with Love

September 10, 2018 0 By Trinity Bourne
The festive season is all about love and kindness, so I want to make sure that I am celebrating my love for all sentient life within everything I share. To me that means honouring Mother Earth by being resourceful, making gifts with whatever I have to hand, and creating delicious vegan treats with ethical, compassionate ingredients.

The beauty about making your own ethical sweet treats is that you can really feel yourself infusing your gifts with love. It makes a real difference to know that you are truly giving from the heart, without causing harm to other sentient life in the process.

Truffles and vegan coconut fudge make perfect gifts. They are incredibly tasty and always go down a real treat. It brings me so much joy to watch my friends beam with delight as they receive their very own ‘made with love’ packet of deliciousness.

To give homemade sweet treats as a gift, just dress up a small, clean food container with pretty wrapping paper, line with parchment paper and tie a ribbon on it. Be imaginative and have fun. I save gift paper and ribbons to reuse for this sort of thing.

The whole ‘homemade’ process makes me feel so connected with the person I will be sharing with: I feel a beautiful depth of gratitude, which gives me the opportunity to honour the true spirit of compassionate giving. In fact, the world just feels like a much better place!

Here are some of my favourite sweet treat recipes. They originally featured in my new vegan recipe book ‘Angelicious – Food for a New Paradigm’ (which reminds me, ethical recipe books make an excellent seasonal gift too!)…

Easy Chocolate Truffles 

Who doesn’t love simple, quick recipes that not only taste divine, but are made with very few ingredients? This is one of my timeless favourites – a recipe that I have tried and tested in many different forms for the best part of 15 years (how time flies when you are having fun in the kitchen!). Not only is it absolutely delicious, it requires no baking.

As with all of my recipes this has no dairy, no refined sugar and is made with the biggest heartful of love. The recipe itself is super quick to make (although you do need to remember to soak the nuts and dates ahead of time). It has always been a real winner with just about everyone I know.

Makes: 5 to 10 balls
Time: 10 minutes (plus 3 hours to soak)Ingredients:
* 100g almonds (raw or blanched)
* 100g dates (pitted)
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
* 2 tablespoons cacao powder
* 2 tablespoons desiccated coconutSoak almonds and dates in water for about three hours, using enough water to rise a few centimetres above them. This will soften them to make the blending process easier.

After three hours, thoroughly drain the dates and almonds  (soaking for any longer will probably make them go a little too soft). Place in a food processor along with the vanilla extract and blend until they start to bind together. This mixture doesn’t have to be super smooth, although it works best if the pieces are really small and are starting to stick together.Add the cacao powder and mix in until evenly spread throughout. Roll into small balls in your hands, and then roll the balls in the desiccated coconut to evenly coat and finish off. Enjoy fresh, just as they are – or pop into a container and store in the fridge (they’ll keep for at least a week – if you or any ‘midnight-snackers’ in your house can resist!).

Simple Variations
– Nuts: This recipe works well with cashews, walnuts or pecans too. Although you don’t need to soak these ones (unlike the almonds) as they have a natural ‘blendable’ softness anyway.
– Cacao: try carob or lucuma powder as a cacao alternative.
– Coconut alternative: try rolling in sesame seeds or ground almonds instead.


Coconut Chocolate Fudge 


Creamed coconut block or coconut butter (not to be confused with coconut cream or coconut oil) makes the perfect base for this ‘fudge’. If you are able to find the blocks of creamed coconut in your health food store, they will be a lot cheaper than coconut butter (which is essentially the same thing just packaged differently).

This recipe delivers an unbelievable sweet, fudgey, coconut bite, followed by a delicate sweet-bitter hit of chocolate. With only four ingredients, it proves that decadence certainly doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming. You can whip this up in a few minutes before popping it into the freezer to set.

Makes: 12 fudge squares
Time: 35 minutes

* 100g coconut butter or creamed coconut block
* 3 tablespoons maple syrup
* 2 tablespoons cacao powder
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
* Desiccated coconut to sprinkle

Chop and melt the coconut butter/creamed coconut block in a small saucepan. This should melt as soon as it starts to get warm. Be careful not to burn the coconut to the pan. You just need to heat it enough to melt it.

Once melted, take off the heat and mix in the other ingredients.

Scoop into a small parchment lined container (approximately 10cm x 10cm/4 in x 4in in size), smooth down evenly and sprinkle on the desiccated coconut if desired.

Pop into the freezer for about a half an hour.

Chop into small cubes and pop in the fridge until you’re ready to serve.

Note: You can also store this in the freezer. It can even be eaten as a firm fudge right out of the freezer.


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