How to overcome limiting beliefs

How to overcome limiting beliefs

October 16, 2018 0 By Jennifer Cain

The problems we think we have in life are rarely what they appear to be on the surface. To get to the bottom of what’s really troubling us it’s necessary to understand what our core-beliefs are and how they affect our thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours.


With ThetaHealing® – a technique that uses applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to identify subconscious belief patterns – we can tap in to the wisdom of a Higher Power (God, Source, or Universe) to aid us in removing limiting beliefs and replacing them with something more conducive to happiness and healing.


A limiting belief is something that we may not be aware we believe, but it has a major effect on us at a subconscious level. In Theta we compare the mind to an iceberg; the ten percent above the surface of the water (the bit you can see) is the conscious mind and the rest (ninety percent) is what’s going on underneath the surface – this represents the subconscious mind.


As we move closer to 2019, many of us will want to make life changes and create resolutions. We can often feel disappointed when we don’t stick to our resolutions and give up. Sometimes there are more subconscious blocks going on preventing us from making these desired changes and it can often feel that we are cycling through mud until we start to look at the underlying causes of why we are having trouble changing our lives.


People often think that if they say and do all the “right things” people will like them and life will go the way they want. But we are all intuitive beings and others can sense if something we believe is out of accord with how we are presenting ourselves.


When it comes to our core values, there is often an overlap between what we may want to believe and how we really feel around a situation – and that’s okay. It’s important that we aren’t afraid of that belief and don’t get caught up in the “drama” of the belief; just send it to the light and replace it with something else.


There are many reasons why we may have a subconscious belief that does not align with how we want to live in this lifetime, but through willingness and faith that can easily be changed.


In my experience, I have found ThetaHealing® to be the quickest, most efficient and lasting way to remove my own limiting beliefs and invite new ones in. However, if that does not resonate with you there are many other methods, some more mainstream and scientifically verified such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), that you can try.



You can also go to a counsellor, therapist or a coach to help you work through issues and trauma from the past. In ThetaHealing® we work alongside medical professionals and other health practitioners. What is right for one person may not work for another and it is important to follow your own inner guidance when choosing the best person or modality to work with in moving forward.


It is very possible to actively choose the new beliefs and feelings we wish to have in our lives. We can never guarantee any outcome when it comes to this work as it is not an exact science – it is a similar philosophy to the science of Psychology. The study of people will never be able to be put in a set formula, but the evidence I have seen in my own life and that of my clients so far is that they have been able to change their limiting beliefs and create more harmony and positivity in their lives.


In doing this work, it can be fascinating discovering some of the strange things that we believe! Thankfully the use of muscle testing in ThetaHealing® gives some physical indication that we do actually hold a particular belief, otherwise it could be difficult to get our heads around it.


Using ThetaHealing®, we attempt to dig down to what is called the “bottom belief” as this saves time in releasing many connected limiting beliefs that are attached to it, instead of spending hours clearing lots of connected beliefs individually. We do this in a sort of interview and discussion process where the practitioner receives intuitive messages about where the problem lies – perhaps in some childhood memory or trauma from the past – and the client discovers for themselves what feelings and beliefs come up around those memories.


The Higher Power guides the entire process and the practitioner acts as a witness to the healing – they are not “doing” the healing themselves.


Here are a few examples of some surprisingly common “bottom beliefs” that the founder of ThetaHealing®, Vianna Stibal, has discovered over her years of practice:


“I am nothing” – “I am doomed” – “I am evil”


Pretty intense stuff, huh? But it’s amazing how quickly things can shift for people when we release these subconscious fears. As a practitioner, I can tell when a client believes something because when I ask them how they feel when they say a particular belief out loud (even if it sounds strange to them) they are surprised by how much emotion it arouses in them.


We then use the muscle testing to further confirm that this is the belief that is contributing to the issue at hand. If a belief or fear has been successfully cleared the person will feel neutral about it when asked and the muscle testing will test negatively whereas before it was positive. These are indicators of a belief change. If the person gets hysterically excited or still feels nervous or anxious, there is more digging work to be done to release the belief.


My free healing gift to you

In ThetaHealing® a person accepts new, empowering beliefs in to their subconscious by saying “Yes” out loud. I would like to give you the opportunity to receive some healing by reading the following statements and saying “Yes” out loud in order to receive the healing. Give it a try! It is the Universe’s New Year gift to you. In Theta we use the term “Creator” to describe the Higher Power or God.

* Can the Creator show you that you are loved, loving and loveable on all levels of your being?

* Can the Creator teach you that it is possible for you to make positive changes to your life?

* Can the Creator teach you that you are worthy of making positive changes in your life?

Simply say “Yes” out loud and you will receive this healing.


The best recommendation I could give to someone looking to identify and heal from their limiting beliefs would be to use applied kinesiology and clear them by working with a trained ThetaHealing® practitioner. You can research videos on applied kinesiology on YouTube and there are many practitioners worldwide who are ready to help (“ThetaHealing® and ThetaHealer® are registered trademarks of THInK at


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