Fangtastic vegan Halloween treats!

Fangtastic vegan Halloween treats!

October 23, 2018 0 By Honey Morris

Gone are the days when Halloween was popular in America and the rest of the world scratched its head! Halloween is fast becoming a favourite holiday for everyone! I mean who doesn’t love an excuse to play dress ups and to have your efforts rewarded with candy!

Admittedly, figuring out which candy is vegan friendly can be a little mind boggling but, witch please, creep it real, we’ve got you covered!

This spooktacular collection of vegan candy will see you well prepared for trick or treaters this Halloween.

Bone Appetit!

This collection contains affiliate links, which means if you click through and make a purchase, Barefoot Vegan receives a really tiny commission which will go towards the animal sanctuary.


Dandies Marshmallows

I’m consciously kicking things off with Dandies because I think they look like cute marshmallow ghosts! Dandies get a BIG thumbs up from me because they’re made in a dedicated vegan facility and they’re non-GMO project verified.


Yum Earth Organic Sour Beans

Yum Earth Vegan organic sour beans

These delicious organic sour beans from Yum Earth come in convenient snack packs of 10 – great for giving out to trick or treaters. They’re certified USDA organic, non-GMO, vegan and contain no artificial flavours or colours. With flavours such as Pomegranate Pucker, Perfectly Peach, Awesome Apple and Mango Tango, you know the kids (and adults) are going to love them!



Cocomels are, as their name suggests, made with coconut. The “naked” variety come individually wrapped so they’re perfect for Halloween.


Jelly Tots

I was so excited when I discovered that Jelly Tots are vegan. They’re a childhood favourite of mine. I love their chewiness and how they get stuck in my teeth!


Love Hearts

Ah, you can combine Halloween and romance with some retro Love Hearts!



That’s right, vegans can taste the rainbow too!



I’m old enough to remember when Starburst were called Opal Fruits!



This whole hazelnut chocolate bar is delicious. It ticks all the boxes; chocolatey, creamy and nutty.



Smarties entire line of products are vegan. Parma Violets are my personal favourite.



If you don’t use your Twizzlers as straws then you’re twizzling wrong!


Sour Patch Kids

At first they’re sour, then they’re sweet, but always vegan! That’s right, the absence of gelatine (yuk) means that Sour Patch Kids are vegan!


Mini Moos

Moo Free’s mini moos snack sized bars would make perfect Halloween treats and come in a variety of different flavours, original, bunnycomb, minty moo and cheeky orange.


Fry’s Chocolate Cream

YES, this chocolatey gooey fondant goodness is vegan.


Fear Not Spook Free Treats

And last but not least, update your Halloween snack game with the allergy friendly and vegan Fear Not variety pack! These vegan minis will become your new favorite Halloween treat! These two Fear Not Spook Free bags contain ten Individually wrapped pieces each!


What’s your favourite?

Have we missed one? Please share your favourite vegan treat in the comments section below!


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