How to live a less toxic life

How to live a less toxic life

November 4, 2018 0 By Faith Canter

As an author, health and wellbeing coach, therapist, nutritional consultant, food intolerance specialist, raw food and fermenting expert, and environmentalist, I love teaching people about the benefits of living a less toxic life. This is not just for their own health and well-being but for that of our beautiful planet as well.


I suffered many years of illness, including insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, food intolerances, headaches, fatigue and depression. Eventually, this led to myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) after catching a very bad stomach bug in India and then glandular fever within a few months of each other. I became very unwell, very quickly, spending most of my time in bed. I now understand that I had been wandering around with adrenal fatigue for many years prior to getting ME/CFS and this was why I had nothing left to fight with.


Today, I have not only recovered from ME/CFS, but from all my previous ailments as well. I feel more alive, well and happy than I ever thought possible. Most people would not agree with, or believe me but I am grateful for ME/CFS and what it taught me. It literally gave me my life back!


How did I recover? By using a whole life approach; addressing the toxicity of my mind, my body, my home and my

overall environment. I started daily guided meditations and visualisations, while changing the way I talked about myself and others. I replaced all my skin, hair and home products with natural and healthier alternatives.


I healed my gut, through detoxing my system and adding in high nutrient and probiotics foods and drinks, such as raw and fermented foods. Once I was well enough to venture outside more, I started grounding/earthing myself daily, which really helped to keep me centred and not feeling like I was away with the fairies (apart from when I wanted to be of course!).


I tried lots of different treatments and therapies, all of which helped a little here and there, but of all these, Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT)/Tapping helped me the most. Using EFT whenever I could to address past traumas and also stresses and anxieties was a critical part of my recovery. Everything I did, slowly chipped away at my ill health, and after a period of about two and a half years, I eventually found I was better than I had ever felt before in my whole life.


I soon realised that everything I had done to aid my recovery was part of a huge detoxification of my life. I de-cluttered my home, stopped putting my self-worth in the things I owned (or didn’t own). I de-cluttered my relationships, eliminating or greatly reducing my access to negative people. I started watching and reading only inspiring and empowering books and TV.


And I started training in all the things that had helped me, so I could help others. I found a purpose to my life that had never been there before, one where I could combine my new love of all things healthy with my love for this amazing planet we live on.


As it soon became apparent to me, once we start to detox our own lives we soon find we are helping to detox the planet as well.

It never ceases to amaze me what a wonderful effect removing toxins from our lives and introducing natural and healthy alternatives has on my clients and followers. I see people daily who have been incredibly ill for such a long time, often taking lots of medication, exhausted and at the end of their tether, completely turn their health around within a few short weeks.


You don’t even have to go all-out on the detoxification journey. You can just make a few simple and easy changes to your daily regime, like daily meditation and practicing correct breathing, body brushing, swapping your skin and hair care products for natural versions, drinking more water and less energy drinks and reducing processed foods from your diet can have a huge impact on overall health.


Remember, that every tiny, little positive thing you do for your body really does help, even if you can’t feel it to start with, it’s all making a difference.



Faith supports other people in regaining not only their health, but getting their lives back too. She is the author of Living a Life Less Toxic, Loving Yourself Inside and Out, and Cleanse: The Holistic Detox Program for mind, body & soul.

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