Product review – Your Nature, Natural Deodorant

Product review – Your Nature, Natural Deodorant

November 13, 2018 0 By Laura Ash

Finding the perfect deodorant can be a challenge and once you have the one for you, why would you change? Maybe, because your high-street shop-bought deodorants are coated in plastic casing which harms the environment and doesn’t always get recycled.


I was a little bit skeptical about trying out a new deodorant but as waste free and natural deodorants become more and more popular, it made sense that I should give one a go. I’ve made my own coconut oil and bicarb deodorant before, which I would apply with my hands, and worked about as well as smothering oil on your skin would. Needless to say, I was hesitant to try out a recipe which sounded more or less the same.


But I was not disappointed! I tried out the Your Nature Natural Deodorant Stick in Lemongrass and Tea tree and I think you should too!


Here’s what I loved…Your Nature Lemongrass and Teatree


Rarely, do I try something that I absolutely love to pieces, but I think this deodorant stick is one of the very few. First impressions of the product were good; the design was beautiful with pale mandala-esque patterns on the packaging and a beautiful smell. The instructions were simple; just allow the stick to warm up on your skin and then apply like any normal deodorant.


The lemongrass and tea tree fragrance was not something I normally look for in my deodorants but it was incredibly fresh and not ridiculously overpowering. What’s more, when I did, inevitably, sweat during a particular hot London commute, all I could smell was this deodorant – and that never happens!


As well as looking great and smelling phenomenal, I found the stick easy to carry around throughout the day if I needed to re-apply which was rarely the case because it actually works! With this deodorant stick, 1 apply in the morning is enough for me – which can hardly be said about my previous commercially bought aluminium-free deodorant (perhaps an opinion for another time).


What wasn’t so great?


Honestly, I struggled finding negatives about this product – I’m absolutely sold. However, one thing I was noticing was that it’s finishing too fast. When I warm the stick up on my skin, it melts and then seems to disappear. Everyday, I’ve been pushing it up to get more out – although this could purely be due to the fact that I use more deodorant than I should.


Probably the only real downfall of this product is the price. If you’re not sold on the concept; waste-free, natural and vegan, it will be hard to be convinced to spend over 5x the amount you normally would on your high street deodorant. That said, if you’re still here and you’re reading, it’s very likely that you will agree with the company’s vision. This is Barefoot Vegan Magazine after all!


So, would I recommend it?


No prizes for the right guess here: yes, yes and yes!


I think this deodorant is an absolutely brilliant little product and, if you want to get your hands on it, I’d recommend buying in bulk to ensure you’ve got a convenient stock. Try out their other scents to find one that you like, and let us know what you thought!


Find the Your Nature deodorant range, here.




Laura Ash

Laura Ash

Laura Ash is a 23 year old writer based in London. With a passion for travel, she makes a conscious effort to move around the world with as small an impact as possible. This lifestyle has led her to try many ways to reduce her carbon footprint and overall consumption, from clothes to plastic to types of food. She loves to share her experiences to inspire others to find their own ways of living in the most compassionate way possible!

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