Intuition Physician – Combining Modern Medicine with Intuition to Heal Yourself

Intuition Physician – Combining Modern Medicine with Intuition to Heal Yourself

November 16, 2018 0 By Emma Letessier

Laura Koniver, MD is the Intuition Physician. She infuses modern medicine with intuition for a deeper understanding of health and healing. An author, physician and artist, she has been covered in various news and media outlets and is also featured in the motion pictures The Grounded and Heal For Free.


While the majority of today’s western population puts their blind faith in modern medicine to cure their illnesses, a more holistic approach is gaining popularity among patients and physicians alike.


The number of holistic physicians is increasing rapidly and with growing exposure to this beautiful and integrative approach to medicine, Laura’s work has been warmly endorsed by other spiritually-based physicians such as Dr. Stephen Sinatra (cardiologist) and Dr. Christiane Northrup (OB/GYN).


Laura defines medical intuition as simply combining knowledge from both modern medicine and intuitive information, which helps to dig deeper into the dynamics behind an illness and to facilitate a true resolution of health issues.


The bridge between medicine & intuition


The limitations of modern medicine began to dawn on Laura while in medical school.


“In medical school I became painfully aware of how little modern medicine really knows about any single illness. Often there are no drugs that can fix everything and there are no operations that can magically cure everything. There is no lab test that can accurately say what is true for you and why an illness is happening right now and in exactly this way.


“I began to understand and deeply appreciate that medicine has limitations, whereas intuition does not. Medicine can harm, whereas spirit does not. So now I appreciate medicine for what it offers and I honour intuition for what it adds.”


It’s an awareness of these limitations that also draws Laura’s patients to work with her as opposed to conventional-based physicians. She describes her work as being the bridge for patients who want the best of both the medical and intuitive worlds in their health care.


“I love helping my patients get a broader, intuitive perspective about what might be going on in their body that’s giving rise to a particular health concern, while also providing them with the comfort of running their situation by my traditional medical knowledge base. We work together, with open minds and open hearts until we find a course of action that fits; one that suits the patient in all ways, body, heart and spirit”.



Exploring what is possible

With every beat, invite miracles – Original artwork by Laura Koniver


Currently in conventional medicine when you are diagnosed with an illness your doctor reviews the standard of practice for that disease and based on these studies he tells you the outcome that is likely for you if you take a particular medicine or have a certain procedure done.


According to Laura, this approach limits our healing potential through only focussing on what has been most probable in the past for others. Many times these statistics are frightening, scary and deflating. They can even often change the outlook of the patient for the worse, which is dangerous because as they say in medicine, ‘outlook changes outcome.’


Instead, what Laura likes to focus on with her patients is what is possible for an individual. It’s this approach that helps to lift the spirits of patients, empowering them and revealing the unlimited healing potential of their own body.


“I don’t want the standard of care to be that we sit patients down and look at the spectrum of outcomes in the past and then we limit our patient’s future healing by overlaying the mass failure that others had to heal onto them. I want to look through the medical literature like an encyclopaedia, filled with all kinds of beautiful outcomes from all kinds of amazing interventions and treatments, both holistic and conventional, to give myself and my patient an idea of what is possible.


“I believe visiting a doctor should be a wonderful uplifting experience, a chance to get all kinds of healing possibilities and inspiration and ideas collected from the medical literature from all over the world offered to us by someone who is our healing advocate. And we should walk away from every doctor’s appointment feeling full of possibility. Using intuition in medical decision making means we are actively choosing inspired action.”


Acknowledging the divine 

Held In Safety: Healing Mantra – Original artwork by Laura Koniver


To Laura, spirituality means that ‘we are all walking home to the Great Beyond’ and whatever path we take to get there, we can help each other along the way. In acknowledging the spiritual aspect of a patient, she acknowledges their soul presence, which helps them to see past the illusion of our limited, physical world and into the spirit-based world that is full of possibility.


Laura points out that our spirit is always rooted in wellbeing and helping a patient become conscious of this helps them to align their body with the wellbeing of their soul as they journey back to full health.


Through employing a two-pronged approach, Laura is able to treat the physical body and the soul energy of the patient in a synergistic way. On a physical level, she does sometimes suggest prescription medications when they are likely to be helpful, but more often than not she is inclined to suggest supplements, herbs, earthing, foods, lifestyle suggestions and alternative healing modalities such as acupuncture, reiki, massage, and chiropractics, among others, to address the physical body.


Although she acknowledges that looking at the physical side of any illness is significant, Laura believes that addressing the energetic body of a patient is the most important aspect of her work.


“The soul energy of a person feels very distinct to me. Each person generally has a particular colour that stands out. I like to address energy work in terms of chakras and chakra alignment, whereby I sense a patient’s particular colour vibration, which in turn tells me a lot about what type of treatment approach is going to work well with the way their particular energy flows.


“If all we think we are is a body, then conventional medicine is likely to meet our needs well enough. But at the point when it becomes obvious to us that there is more going on in here than just a linear biochemical process, that there is a movement of energy and a flow of spirit through us that goes well beyond how one cell reacts to another, it’s no longer satisfying to merely attempt to treat a health challenge with a diagnosis label or a medication.”


Using intuition, Laura likes to look not only at the illness her patient is presenting with but also her patient’s unique health strengths as well. Once identified, Laura and her patient then use these strengths in order for the patient to heal faster. Reaching for a deeper meaning and understanding of what the patient is going through and figuring out why, produces powerful relief and real, sustainable results.


“I find that intuitive information combined with medical knowledge is always more powerful than either standing alone. Both are factual. Both are healing. Both are relevant. Both are necessary to pull it all together and figure out the bigger picture of why you are on the journey you are on.


“Because once you know why you are going through this particular health condition, the entire condition becomes meaningful. And with meaning comes healing. Deep, soulful healing. Full understanding requires accessing information that is not printed out in your medical record. It requires accessing intuition.”



Empowering the patient


Chakra Alignment – Original artwork by Laura Koniver

While Laura treats her patients using her own intuition, a vital part of the healing process is teaching patients to access their own. Laura believes that conventional medicine’s ‘top-down’ approach is what has led to so many people feeling disempowered regarding the state of their own health. She also adds that there isn’t any reason why the healing process can’t be the most empowering journey you take in your entire life. Laura believes that healing is the process of moving from a state of injury or illness to vibrant wellbeing.


Although most health care practitioners are trying to help, unless the patient feels that they are partnered in the process and that their particular life situation, their particular soul energy, their particular journey is taken into account, then the process is going to wind up being a struggle.


“Most patients come to me because they have lost faith in their ability to heal, and this is directly because of the attitude of the health care practitioners they are working with. They no longer trust their body because they do not feel in partnership with their own body or the healing process. This has got to be turned around.


“The only partnership that matters is the one between the patient’s body and their soul energy. Full alignment between the two will completely restore health. The health care practitioner that facilitates this is nothing more than a facilitator at best. Full power should and truly does reside with the patient. The quicker our society and the world of modern medicine can catch onto this truth, the better off all patients will be.”


Encouraging healing through creativity


Reaching For Guidance – Original artwork by Laura Koniver


As an artist, Laura’s artwork played a pivotal role in helping her find her true passion and purpose. Embracing her creative side has also been beneficial in her work as a physician. She has painted many pieces of art that represent a talisman for healing that her patients can use as a touchstone to re-centre in the truth of their spiritual wellness.


Images such as Reaching for Guidance, Your Next Rx, Every Heartbeat, All Is Well, or Held in Safety, are all pure, positive, supportive pictures that transmute Laura’s healing medical approach into tangible images for wellbeing.


Laura explains that sometimes artwork can express a concept that she can never fully get across in words. What she’s discovered through her creative process and working with patients using intuitive medicine is that embracing creativity leads to improved health.


“Creating is life. Being alive is to create. There just isn’t any other way around it. All you have to do is sit there and breath and you are creating. Because never, ever, has there been another person like you, living in this moment of time, breathing this breath of air that you breathe. So everything you do is new and unique.


“The more we create the more life force we draw through our bodies. Creating something will draw more life into you and through you, giving you more health. Being creative and allowing creativity to flow through you can strengthen and enhance your own health. I feel it strengthen mine and I witness in patients time and time again that when we have their creative outlet open, healing happens.”


Inspire good health


Laura says there are many things that each of us can do to improve our health. On a physical level she recommends that we connect with the ground physically, get deep sleep, ensure good hydration, take Omega 3 and Vitamin D supplements and lots of probiotics.


However, the bottom line is that we should ‘feel’ our way through aligning our body with our soul’s energy, as this full alignment will restore each of us to wellbeing. (Check out Laura’s blog post on how to find your alignment and feel your way to wellbeing when making health decisions).


“Beyond the miracles of modern medicine there are other miracles; miracles brought on by spirit and faith. There are healings and cures that happen all the time even without medical intervention. Both medical knowledge and intuitive information provide different but equally important answers to what is going on inside our body.


“I see them both as offering crucial information to the whole picture, like two sides of the same coin. Through combining modern medicine and intuitive information you can offer a patient the complete yin and yang – opposite, complementary, interconnected.”


How can we expand our intuition?


Laura runs an online course, ‘Expanding Intuition’ to help us tap into our own intuition and learn how to trust it. Here’s what she has to say about developing intuition:


“The easiest way to receive access to our own intuition is to immerse ourselves in the most intuitive medium on the planet – water. Water has an intuitive, responsive, dynamic nature and our bodies and energy respond to this. Try standing in the shower or sitting in a warm bath and then ask the questions that are in your heart. Listen to the water and the energy around you.


“There are many different ways intuition reaches out and each person has a favourite way to access this sixth-sensory information. Intuitive information is always there, you just have to learn to lean into your favourite way of picking up on it.


“You can feel intuitions in your abdomen (intuitive gut feelings), in your chest (heart-centred intuitive connections), in your head (through visualisations), all over your entire body in the form of physical sensations on your skin or deep in your muscles, and through your dreams when you are deeply relaxed and in receptive sleep modes.


“Our intuitive information is the best ally we have in making decisions that are unlimited in potential and open to many alternative possibilities, not boxed into limited outcomes or finite environmental deadlines that loom ahead of us”.


If you’d like to learn more about how intuition and medicine complement each other, grab your FREE Earthing Idea Book, or read hundreds of uplifting holistic health articles, head over to Laura’s website.


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