Vegan facial scrub review – Zero Waste Face Scrub from Coven Vegan Skincare

Vegan facial scrub review – Zero Waste Face Scrub from Coven Vegan Skincare

December 3, 2018 0 By Laura Ash

An honest review

We all know how bad exfoliating microbeads are for our seas and environment. That’s what makes searching for eco-friendly options so important.

You’ve probably tried salt scrubs and sugar exfoliators but have you ever tried rice and oats to remove your dead skin?  

I tried the rice exfoliator from Coven Skincare and here’s what I thought…


What I loved…


To apply this face scrub, you simply pour out a small size of the powder and gently add water to make it into as thick, or thin, a paste as you want. Then using circular motions, brush it over your skin before rinsing.

I am fortunate to have very good skin and so I never really feel the need to do a lot to my face. But after making up a quick paste of this face scrub, I had no idea what my face was missing! It left it lovely and smooth, especially after moisturizing.

The smell was gorgeous too – although that’s subjective, as I don’t know if everyone would like the smell of warm porridge on their face!

Another great thing was that I tested out the sampler pack and I found it lasted a very long time! I used it about 3 times per week and I loved the fact that what I was putting on my face was natural but also full of natural health benefits. The combination of rice and oats in this powder gives you a lovely balance of tighter pores and skin which retains its moisture – which make this product great for those with oily skin or acne.


And what I wasn’t so keen on… 


Unfortunately, whilst my skin is fairly blemish free, it is very delicate and I found the mixture to be quite harsh on my face. I tried making a thicker paste and then a thinner one to see if there was any difference in effect but I found myself with red patches on my cheeks. The key for this would be to use extra delicate motions and to gently remove the mixture with a warm cloth.


So, would I recommend it?


I really enjoyed using this product and the combination of ingredients does your skin really good. For this reason, I would recommend trying it!


Get yours from the Coven Vegan Skincare Etsy Store.


Laura Ash

Laura Ash

Laura Ash is a 23 year old writer based in London. With a passion for travel, she makes a conscious effort to move around the world with as small an impact as possible. This lifestyle has led her to try many ways to reduce her carbon footprint and overall consumption, from clothes to plastic to types of food. She loves to share her experiences to inspire others to find their own ways of living in the most compassionate way possible!

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