Empowering our spiritually gifted children

Empowering our spiritually gifted children

December 18, 2018 0 By Gemma Garbett

We all remember that moment just after you have given birth and you are handed this tiny bundle of happiness all wrapped up. They look up at you like you are the only person in world and you swear right there and then that you will protect your baby from anything. From that point on your main mission in life is to make sure that this loving baby that you have been entrusted with is safe, warm, nurtured and loved.


As they get older those around you start to use phrases like:


‘Oh, look how alert he is,’ or even, ‘She has been here before.’


You think nothing of it until one day out of nowhere your little star starts waving at the corner of the room. The first time you might let it pass you by and then all of a sudden they are doing it all of the time. Or you put them to bed at night and you can hear them on the baby monitor laughing at someone when there is no-one there.


If this is the case the chances are that your child is seeing or hearing spirit. When we are babies we come straight from spirit. Our souls are squashed into these tiny little bodies and we have to learn everything all over again.


Now I know that those of you who do not believe in reincarnation and the spirit world may find this hard to believe, but in my opinion this is what happens.


I have experienced all of this myself with both my children. I remember on one occasion when my son was about two years old that I found a spirit man sitting by his bed. Being the protective mother I am, I freaked out just a tad. I had no idea what he wanted and no matter how I tried I couldn’t get rid of him.


All night this spirit man was saying ‘Choo! Choo!’ through the baby monitor. In my head I kept seeing this bubble blowing Thomas the Tank Engine that I had put in a cupboard away from my son to be bought out on the odd occasion.


So I set it up in the spare room and told the spirit man that he had ten minutes to play with it then he must leave. I want to emphasise here that for this spirit, I couldn’t see him I was only sensing him. So to me this heightened the fact that I couldn’t protect my son to the degree I wanted to.


When the ten minutes were up, I heard the man (in my head) say ‘Thank you’, a split second later my son said ‘Choo Choo gone now, Mummy.’ As much as I was happy that he was gone I was a bit freaked out at what my son had said.


I could give you many examples of situations like this over the past seven years, for both of my children, but what I want to do is share with you ways that you can help your child.


What is a spiritual child?


All children are spiritual. We come from spirit, a collective consciousness so to speak, to Earth to have a Human Experience. However, there are some children who are naturally able to connect with spirit more easily. Now for some children this leaves around the age of seven and may come back in later years. For others it stays with them always.


Spiritual gifts come in many forms, for example:

  • Seeing, hearing, or sensing spirit
  • High empathy levels (they take on the emotions of others.  For example, there is someone around them who is angry, then they start being angry, even though there is no reason for them to do so)
  • Highly sensitive children (they will cry at other people’s upsets, they hurt deeply from what others perceive as a small comment)
  • They talk of past lives (‘Mummy, you know when I was here before and the other lady was my Mummy?’)


I could go on categorising different traits, but I do not like to label children. All of the labels used in this article are purely to help you understand your child in a different way.


What can you do to help your child?


Firstly, observe. As the child is talking/interacting with spirit, are they happy? Do they seem scared? Take your cue from them. If there was anything to worry about, you would know, use your instincts. You may also have an image come to you of who you feel it is that your child is interacting with. Again, use your instincts.


Secondly, as your child gets older, they may start to talk about those in spirit. Listen, do not judge and keep your questioning to a minimum.


Let them speak freely about it, as you will learn a lot and your child will learn that their gifts are not a bad thing.


Thirdly, if you are worried that your child is connecting with someone who isn’t so nice or that they are scared, get your child to tell them to leave. If they are unable to speak you can do this for them. Be firm and 9/10 times they will leave.


Help your child to learn protection and grounding techniques. This is especially important if they are sensitive or empathic. Make it fun. In the past we have used an invisible sleeping bag, where my son has visualised himself wrapping it around him and zipping it up over his head or we have used a magic wand that he has tapped on the top of his head and then said, “He is protected and invisible to the spirit world.”


You can also use crystals. Children are excellent crystal selectors, so take them along to a Crystal or New Age shop and ask them to choose one that they would like to keep with them. They will be guided to one. That will be their protection stone. They can keep it in their pocket or under their pillow. When they no longer need it the crystal will be lost.


Above all else, know that this may be a short period in your child’s life, but these are gifts to be nurtured and cherished. Be guided by your own intuition but also know that there is a myriad of help available to you from mediums, spiritualists and holistic professionals. So if in doubt, ask.

Spiritually gifted children

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