About Us

About Us


The Barefoot Vegan philosophy empowers people to live their happiest and healthiest lives through connecting with nature.  It’s not just about changing our diet – it’s about rediscovering the true meaning of life, what it means to live compassionately for all of the Earth’s creatures and how through living in harmony with nature, we can make a real difference in co-creating beauty on Earth.


Let’s face it, the world is rife with problems – health issues, terrorism, poverty, disease, murder, environmental destruction… sadly the list goes on. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and disempowered by our current system, it’s important for each of us to realise that we do still have a choice.


We can choose to go against the conditioning of our society and choose to base our thoughts and actions on love instead of fear, compassion over suspicion, passion over indifference. There are small things that we can do in our everyday lives to take back our health, our mental and physical well being, to protect the animals that we share this planet with and to stop the pollution and pillaging of our home by corporations with short-term views who are only in it for the money.


Editor – Emma Letessier

Barefoot Vegan was founded and is edited and designed by Emma Letessier. Emma is a blogger, life-coach and qualified PR

professional and journalist, who also happens to be a passionate vegan, animal and nature lover. She lives in a small village in France with her husband, daughter and their rescue animals at the Barefoot Vegan Farm and Animal Sanctuary. You can find her most days walking their dog in the countryside around the village, spending time in the garden and looking after the animals, preparing delicious vegan meals, working on Barefoot Vegan and writing about veganism.

As a writer, Emma’s work has been featured in other popular well-being and spiritual websites such as Elephant JournalIVORY magazine, and she’s part of the Huffington Post’s team of regular bloggers. Her writing was also included in the latest Tiny Buddha book 365 Love Challenges from Tiny Buddha,  released in 2015 by HarperCollins.


Our Manifesto


Through Barefoot Vegan our aim is to promote a healing journey that when combined with a vegan lifestyle and close connection with nature, transforms life into an experience that is fair, fun and happy. The goal is to make a difference in people’s lives and to raise awareness of the choices we have.


We believe:

  • That we are all equal and made in perfection
  • That compassion is the essence of what we are called to experience
  • That nature is perfect in its creation: there is a delicate and intricate balance of systems that occur naturally without the need for constant human intervention
  • That we have the power to transform our home to be like a heaven on earth
  • That one person can make a difference
  • That we are powerful beyond our wildest imaginations
  • In the healing power of kindness and love
  • That a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle will help rid the world of many of today’s problems


We want to live in a world where…

  • Our combined ambitions are for peace, love, compassion and prosperity for everyone
  • There is no such thing as poverty, hunger, or debt
  • The health of the human population, our animal friends and the environment is prioritised over the love of money, greed and power


We want to live in a world that is free of entrapment, where every human and creature is truly free to enjoy and experience the wonder and beauty of the creation that has been prepared for us; living and not just existing!


Here’s what we know for sure…

  • Only love can conquer fear and hate
  • That our current system is broken and we need a peaceful revolution
  • That we must be the change we wish to see in the world
  • We need to re-educate ourselves and learn practical things such as growing food, building homes, providing natural health remedies etc.
  • The solutions to all our problems already exist, we just have to be open to following logic and evidence


Are you ready for change? Join the Natural Revolution!