Barefoot Vegan Sanctuary

Barefoot Vegan Sanctuary

a space of learning, teaching, healing and loving for humans and animals


Situated in the beautiful, lush green of the south-west of France, the Barefoot Vegan Farm & Sanctuary is approximately 14 acres (six hectares) hidden away in the Pyrenees mountains. There is a lot of work to do to get the farm and sanctuary up and running but we have some amazing plans for this place.


The Barefoot Vegan Farm & Sanctuary is owned and operated by us…


Emma and Christian; tree-huggers, human, animal and nature-lovers.


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Our dream


We want to create a space where we not only produce natural (no use of chemicals or GMOs) food using permaculture principles, but that we also integrate rescued farm animals into the design to show how humans and animals can co-exist in a peaceful and mutually beneficial way. Once we are able to produce enough, we plan to also open up a farm shop from the site, selling fresh, seasonal fruit and veggies, and other vegan edible goods (nut cheese, jam, Kombucha, apple cider vinegar etc.).


Outreach in our local community and region is also important to us. We will be in the heart of France’s foie gras region. We want Barefoot Vegan Farm & Sanctuary to be a shining example of how we can live full, abundant and happy lives without having to exploit and inflict harm and suffering on any sentient being.


We hope to be able to open up the space very soon and include accommodation options so that people can come and stay to learn about eco-building techniques, a vegan lifestyle, self-sufficiency and natural wellbeing (think vegan cooking lessons, foraging, growing food and herbs, yoga and meditation), or just come and spend time giving and receiving love and healing with our animal family members.


Thanks so much for your support and we look forward to being able to share further details as we go along!


With love and gratitude,


Emma and Christian



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Emma Letessier

Barefoot Vegan was founded and is edited and designed by Emma Letessier. Emma is a blogger, life-coach and qualified PR professional and journalist, who also happens to be a passionate vegan, animal and nature lover. She lives in a small village in France with her husband, daughter and their rescue animals at the Barefoot Vegan Farm and Animal Sanctuary. As a writer, Emma’s work has been featured in other popular well-being and spiritual websites such as Elephant Journal, IVORY magazine, and she’s part of the Huffington Post’s team of regular bloggers. Her writing was also included in the Tiny Buddha book 365 Love Challenges from Tiny Buddha, released in 2015 by HarperCollins.