Meet our residents

Who lives with us at the Barefoot Vegan Farm? To date, we have six official animal friends living with us – and we have one visitor from time to time in the form of Thomas, the semi-wild mule.



Hatchi was the first fluffy one to come into our lives as a couple. He is five years’ old and is an Eurasier. We bought him from a private breeder before we were vegan – so of course now we know that we should ADOPT not shop!

But at the time we listened to some ill advice along the lines of it being best to get a dog from a breeder so that we knew what to expect, especially as we were inexperienced with dogs.

Anyway, we don’t regret having him; he’s our best friend and everyone that meets him falls in love with him.ย Hatchi’s favourite things are walks, walnut cheese and tomatoes.




Manu and Po have been with us since November 2016. They are two potbelly pigs that we welcomed from another vegan animal sanctuary. We love these two sisters so much. Pigs are intelligent, affectionate, social and communicative, and Manu and Po are no exception.

Manu is the gourmande out of the two. She likes to eat slowly and enjoy her food, and can be quite picky. Her favourite foods are fruits, aubergine, mint and courgette.

Po on the other hand eats like a… pig. She is a scoffer and will try and eat Manu’s food too. She loves her veggies and has been known to run around the enclosure in joy with a full broccoli in her mouth!




We welcomed Coco and Milo only a year and a half ago. They were the offspring of a farm cat and the farmer was going to kill them, so a friend of ours took them and asked if we could provide them with a home.

These two little sisters are so sweet but they are always getting into mischief.

Coco, has big eyes and a white face and is the smoochiest little cat ever. She’s also very talkative. Milo has her cuddly moments and is the most adventurous of the two. It’s so lovely that we were able to take them both as they keep each other company, playing and sleeping together – it’s so cute.

The best thing is that Hatchi adores them, and they love Hatchi, so the whole introduction process went without a hitch.



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Cannelle is doing really well. She's had her stitches out and we're hoping she will regain use of her eye. She's gained 400g so far! She loves plantain and dandelion greens. She's such a sweet old bunny. I was reading an article on looking after senior rabbits and they said it's a privilege to care for an elderly rabbit. I couldn't agree more. I've got no idea what kind of life Cannelle's had up until now (but I can guess it wasn't great considering the state we found her in) but what is sure, she will live out her days loved and appreciated for the wonderful being she is ๐Ÿ˜Š #Vegan #vegansofig #animals #veganism #animalsanctuary #veganhomestead #veganhomesteading #vegansofinstagram #vegananimalsanctuary #rescuerabbits #rabbitsanctuary #rescuerabbit #rabbitsofinstagram

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Cannelle is the newest member of our family. Someone had abandoned her on the land leading up to our driveway and she was in really bad shape. We’ll never know exactly what happened to Cannelle in her former life, but from the state she was in, we can surmise that she was probably a rabbit kept for breeding other rabbits to be eaten.

When we found Cannelle, she had an abscess from two of her teeth that was so bad it was pushing her eye out and she couldn’t close it. Her nails were very long too.

Thankfully, our network of lovely people helped us to raise the funds to pay for Cannelle’s vet care and now, after having two teeth removed, Cannelle is on the mend – although we are not sure at this stage whether or not she will regain use of her eye.

She’s an old gal (the vet estimates around 7-8 years’ old) and she’ll get to live out the remainder of her years being loved and appreciated for the cool bunny bun she is. Cannelle’s fit right in as part of the family – the little tiny cats and Hatchi keep her company. Her favourite things are dandelions and being in her outside enclosure where she can hop around and lounge in the sun.



Although not an official resident of the sanctuary, we give Thomas honorary status because he comes and goes as he pleases. He spent about a month with us last time because he used to hang around with a group of wild horses that belonged to our neighbour and they used to come and graze on our property, but then the farmer sold all the horses.ย Thomas was left walking around looking for his friends.

Thomas is very friendly for a wild mule and he loves apples and carrots. He can be a bit naughty though as he figured out how to open the lid to the bin on the pigs’ food so he could help himself.

We miss him whinnying at the door for an apple!




Animal sanctuaries are extremely expensive to operate. Food and vet bills can be enormous. For example – the cost to get Manu and Po spayed was around โ‚ฌ500 plus medications. We don’t have any funds in our sanctuary kitty to take on any more animals at present. Our priority right now is to finish work on our house so we can welcome volunteers to help us build enclosures and shelters to welcome more animals.

We’ll get there but we’ll always be a micro-sanctuary due to the amount of space we have and our food production plans.

Animals are such a blessing. We are grateful each day for the joy and unconditional love they bring into our lives.