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Editor + Founder 

Barefoot Vegan was founded and is edited and designed by Emma Letessier. Emma is a blogger, life-coach and qualified PR professional and journalist, who also happens to be a passionate vegan, animal and nature lover. She lives in a small village in France with her husband, Christian, their daughter and their dog, Hatchi. You can find her most days walking in the countryside around the village, spending time in the garden, preparing delicious vegan meals, working on Barefoot Vegan and writing about veganism.

As a writer, Emma’s work has been featured in other popular well-being and spiritual websites such as Elephant JournalIVORY magazine, The Hectic Vegan, Happy Happy Vegan, VegWorld and One Bite Vegan, and she’s part of the Huffington Post’s team of regular bloggers. Her writing was included in the latest Tiny Buddha book 365 Love Challenges from Tiny Buddha,  released in 2015 by HarperCollins. She also edited and compiled Even in My Dreams: A Collection of Vegan Poems, featuring contributions from vegan artists all over the world.

Contact Emma via email – editor(@) – with press releases, requests for interviews and product reviews, or if you need help with content creation and media relations for your business.


Assistant Editor

Honey Morris is the creator of Handmade by H-Monster. Handmade by H-Monster is about all things crafty but, mostly crochet. Honey donates a minimum of 25-50% of the profits from the sale of her creations to not-for-profit animal rescues. Honey lives in picturesque Western Australia with her husband Stu and the rescue animals they share their life with. When she’s not crocheting, or cooking up a vegan storm in the kitchen, you’ll usually find Honey burning incense while reading a good book, tending to her veggie patch or taking a dip at the beach. Honey loves working alongside Emma, sharing her passion for animals, nature and veganism.

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Product Reviewer

Laura Ash is a 23 year old writer based in London. With a passion for travel, she makes a conscious effort to move around the world with as small an impact as possible. This lifestyle has led her to try many ways to reduce her carbon footprint and overall consumption, from clothes to plastic to types of food. She loves to share her experiences to inspire others to find their own ways of living in the most compassionate way possible!

If you have a vegan product or service that you’d like to have reviewed on BarefootVegan, please email Laura directly at laura(@)


Social Media Manager

Katie Gowing

Katie Gowing lives in Scotland with her partner and dogs. She has been vegan for three years and tries to act as compassionately as possible with all earthlings and the planet. Therefore she chooses a vegan lifestyle, supports campaigns against the exploitation of animals and gently encourages others to live more compassionately. Katie particularly enjoys trying to find, buy and use sustainable products and discover new ways to lower her Co2 impact. She has volunteered in dog rescue for the last five years, which has resulted in raising thousands of pounds for charity and has fostered nine rescue dogs. Katie loves all animals, but has a particular soft spot for dogs, sheep, goats and cows.



Regular contributors

Alex Lockwood

Alex is a writer, scholar, runner and vegan based in Newcastle, in the North East of England. He is the author of The Pig in Thin Air published by Lantern Books, both a road trip into vegan advocacy and an academic study of the place of the bodily encounter in animal activism. He is also the author of Environmental Journalism and Writing (Routledge, due in 2017) and has published widely in both fiction and nonfiction for The Guardian, Earthlines magazine, Compassionate Man magazine, Zoomorphic, Like the Wind, SWAMP writing, The Dodo, and

He turned vegan in 2010 and has since shifted both his personal and professional lives to find answers to the question of how we change our species’ relationship to other nonhuman species. He is currently working on a novel, training for marathons, and volunteers with a number of animal advocacy groups, including Northern Animal Welfare Cooperative and Manchester Pig Save.

He is a Director of the Vegan Lifestyle Association and also a member of The Vegan Society’s academic advisory group.

You can connect with Alex via Facebook and Twitter.


Anneka Svenska

Anneka Svenska has been a regular face on UK Television since the late 90’s. Anneka has been a familiar face working with wildlife, presenting for The London Dog Show 2015, Vlogging alongside bird enthusiast and renowned naturalist Bill Oddie, Pet Rescue’s Wendy Turner Webster, Born Free’s President Will Travers and Channel 4’s SuperVet Noel Fitzpatrick. Anneka has also presented for top Vegan organisations ‘VegFestUK’, ‘Veganuary’, as well as Charities ‘Viva!’, ‘The Badger Trust’,’The Wag and Bone Dog Show live’, ‘Steve Irwin: a Tribute’, ‘Movie Café’ and ‘Clubavision’. Anneka co-founded the dog rescue charity ‘K-9 Angels’ in 2011 where she rescued and rehomed hundreds of dogs from all over the world and appeared in many newspaper articles and blogs about her rescue and charity work. Anneka moved on to found ‘Green World Television’ and ‘Angels for the Innocent Foundation’ in late 2014 in order to intertwine her journalistic abilities with her animal conservation work.
As a side line to her TV work, Anneka has ventured into the world of environmental and organic healthy eating, where she shares her expertise in juicing, smoothies and vegan raw eating. Anneka now heads up the new Vegan juicing and Smoothy page for charity VIVA! as ‘The Little Green Angel’ and is also is training to teach power yoga. Anneka has also come on board with Vegan organisation ‘Veganuary’ and will be officially Vlogging for them, as well as becoming the celebrity juicer & Vlogger for VegFest 2015 & a regular contributor to Barefoot Vegan Magazine.

To view some of the Green World TV Films Anneka has released please click here . You can also connect with her via Facebook and Twitter.


Clare Mann

Clare Mann is an Australian-based psychologist, best-selling author and animal advocate. She is the co-founder of the Vegan Voices Smartphone Application, co-contributor to the Sydney Vegan Club 30-Day Vegan Challenge and contributor to Plant Powered Women and Everyday Vegans. She provides skills training to help vegans and animal advocates communicate more effectively and animal welfare organisations collaborate for increased effectiveness.

Check out her website and connect with her via Facebook and Twitter.



Emma McArthur

Emma is a vegan writer, blogger, teacher, and nomad, who has been living and working around the world since 2009. In her work as a teacher and in her writings she strives to inspire others to consider the place of humans on this planet as earthlings, and our relationship to other species of animals.  She is devoted to dogs and runs a dog group in her current part of the world. Emma writes for various platforms such as Flaming Vegan, and is meanwhile working towards her dream of founding an animal sanctuary. She can be contacted at her website and she blogs at



Julia Feliz Brueck

Julia is an American currently experiencing life in Switzerland. She has spent the last decade or so exploring the world outside of the US, and on that journey, while in Ireland, she discovered ethical veganism. Julia is presently working on publishing her first vegan children’s book and also runs a vegan craftivist page, where she posts about projects speaking up for those without a voice through cruelty-free craft. Julia holds two diplomas in illustration, as well as undergraduate and graduate degrees in marine science and conservation ecology, respectively.

Always combining science and art, Julia’s past work experiences range from studying sea turtle hatchlings, living and doing biological work in a Florida swamp, through to illustrating interpretative signs for a state park, among many other adventures.

You can visit Julia’s blog and connect with her via Facebook.


Juliet Gellatley

Juliet Gellatley is founder & director of Viva! – a vibrant, campaigning group that is now the biggest vegan charity in Europe. Over the past 20 years, Juliet has created and launched numerous campaigns and written several reports, guides and books, including the Silent Ark, Born to be Wild and the Livewire Guide to Going, Being & Staying Veggie.  She is author of guides such as Vegetarian & Vegan Mother & Baby GuideHealthy Veggie Kids, Why You Don’t Need Dairy and Nutrition in a Nutshell.
Juliet created The Incredible Vegan Show which has travelled across Britain helping people go vegan. Juliet is an inspirational, fun and informative speaker and has made many media appearances across the world. She has a degree in zoology and psychology; and diplomas in direct marketing and is a qualified nutritional therapist.

Visit her website and connect with her via Facebook.


Katrina Fox

Katrina Fox is an award-winning journalist, media and PR consultant, founder of the content and events platform Vegan Business Media and host of Vegan Business Talk podcast. She is the author of Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business, the first global book providing success strategies for aspiring and existing vegan business owners, and has written extensively for niche and mainstream media for 18 years on animal advocacy, vegan living and ethical business.
Katrina won the Voiceless: The Animal Protection Institute Media Prize for her article, ‘Speciesism: The Final Frontier’, for Australian national broadcaster the ABC’s The Drum website. Her work has been featured in the books Circles of Compassion: Essays Connecting Issues of Justice (edited by Will Tuttle) and Plant-Powered Women: Pioneering Female Vegan Leaders Share Their Vision for a Healthier, Greener, More Compassionate World (edited by Kathy Divine).
Originally from London, UK, she lives with her wife Tracie in Sydney, Australia. Katrina loves glitter and internet cat videos. You can visit her websites and and connect with her via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Lacie Harmon & Robin Greenspan

Lacie Harmon and Robin Greenspan have been a writing/performing duo since falling in love in 1996. They co-wrote and starred in Real Girls, a two-woman show which enjoyed sold-out runs in Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Diego. The play was later made into feature film Girl Play, starring themselves, Dom Deluise and Mink Stole and premiered at Outfest Los Angeles 2001, winning Outstanding Lesbian Feature Film and a shared award for the two performers for Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film. Their current passion is a weekly YouTube comedy vlog, “Lacie and Robin”, in which they take on everything from answering questions about being a lesbian couple to attempting vegan recipes, all for the amusement of their fans and the obliteration of their personal fears. Individually, Harmon’s TV acting credits include co-starring roles on Arliss, For Your Love, Jack and Jill, Kenan and Kel and King of Queens. Greenspan wrote for and starred in Showtime’s original sketch-comedy show In Thru the Out Door, and performed her stand-up comedy on Comedy Central’s Out There in Hollywood. 
Go to Lacie & Robin’s channel on YouTube to watch all their hilarious videos and connect with them via their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Dr. Laura Koniver

Laura Koniver, MD is the Intuition Physician, infusing modern medicine with intuition for a deeper understanding of health and healing.  She is an author, physician and artist who has been featured in many news and media outlets such as Fox News and Voice America, writes a regular health column in the national holistic magazine MaryJane’s Farm and is featured in the motion pictures The Grounded and Heal For Free.

If you’d like to learn more about how intuition and medicine complement each other, grab your FREE Earthing Idea Book, or read hundreds of uplifting holistic health articles, head over to her website at: and connect with her via Facebook.




Lee Watson

Lee is the author of the vegan cookbook ‘Peace and Parsnips’ and one half of the presenting team of 24 Hour Kitchen’s ‘Meat vs Veg’.  Lee is a food adventurer who travels the world veganizing local dishes, combining two of his main passions; travel and cooking.  Lee is based in rural North Wales, where he cooks at Trigonos, an idyllic retreat centre and organic vegetable farm.  Lee lives with his partner Jane in the Beach House, from where he writes the blog ‘The Beach House Kitchenwhich focuses on local, seasonal produce given a regular global twist.  When he’s not playing with pots and pans, Lee enjoys running in the hills, yoga, gardening, poetry and playing his favourite Canadian guitar.

Connect with Lee via Facebook and Twitter.


Linda Monahan

Linda Monahan is a vegan author and magic-maker holding a BA and MA in American studies. Her work has most recently appeared in Mourning Animalsan academic anthology, and Even In My Dreamsa vegan poetry collection. As the archivist for the oldest animal shelter in Washington, D.C., she authored a commemorative book, “Such Courage, Such Heart”: A Centennial History of the Washington Animal Rescue League (2014). Her work explores interspecies relations and advocates for a vegan world.





Lynne Allbutt

In 2014 Lynne became the first person to run the width of Wales barefoot. Far from being an Ultra-runner or extreme sports woman, Lynne is a gardener with a passion for the outdoors and is often described as a Champion for Mother Nature.  Due to popular demand, she went on to write her autobiography ‘Barefoot and Before’ which is available from Amazon, along with three of her other books, written and published in 2015. She is an avid writer and speaker whose humour and energy make for informative and lively walks, talks and interviews on topics including keeping pet pigs, bee-keeping (or bee-borrowing as she calls it), garden design, health and well-being, (including promoting veganism in her inimitable and gentle manner), mindfulness, Zoopharmocognosy (how animals self-medicate in the wild and replicating remedies with oils) and of course, bare footing and all of which is fondly referred to as ‘Lynnespiration” by those who follow her. Lynne is a regular on Radio Wales and is comfortable in front of the cameras, having presented a number of garden makeover Shows for BBC Wales and Sky TV, made a guest appearance on The Paul O Grady Show and been a walk guide on Weatherman Walking (barefoot). Lynne  is also proud to be an UK World Animal Day Ambassador and has undertaken a significant amount of Charity Work (including several marathons, Swimathons, a Wing Walk, a parachute jump, compiling and featuring in several calendars (one of which she handed directly to Prince Charles) as well as numerous other fundraising events for charities including Marie Curie Cancer Care, Kidney Wales, Beat Bullying, Arc Addington Fund, Leukaemia Research and the RSPCA.

You can connect with Lynne via Facebook and Twitter.


Valerie McGowan

Valerie McGowan is a Black female Christian vegan who writes on her blog of the same name. She is the Director of the Vegan Society of Humboldt and studied Holistic Nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She lives with her husband Marc, ten-year-old son Julian and Farley the cat, surrounded by the beautiful redwoods in Northern California. She writes about intersectional veganism and how Christian teachings support a vegan lifestyle.

You can read Valerie’s writing at her website, Black.Female.Christian.Vegan. and connect with her via Facebook.




Vicki Brett-Gach

Vicki is a Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator through Main Street Vegan Academy, and a Certified Personal Chef through Wellness Forum Health. She completed training in Nutrition for a Healthy Heart, and earned a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.
She is also Forks Over Knives Plant-Based Certified, and a graduate of the Starch Solution Certification program. Her recipes have been featured in The McDougall Newsletter, the Center for Nutrition Studies NewsletterVegan MagazineHonest Cooking, and published in The Vegan Friends Cookbook. She coaches clients individually, teaches a variety of heart-healthy whole-foods plant-based cooking classes and workshops, and she’s a chef with the Plant Based Nutrition Support Group ( team.
Check out her website and connect with her via Facebook.


Wilfredo Benitez

Wilfredo Benitez, or Will, is a vegan of almost five years, living in Portland, Oregon with his fiance, Valentina. He is earning is Master’s’ Degree in Nutrition to help in his efforts to become a nutrition educator for families, youth, and communities while Valentina studies to become a naturopathic doctor. Will believes that many of America’s diseases are preventable with proper nutrition and is impassioned to empower others on their journey of wellness by teaching them the nutrition about plant-based foods, how to cook, or not-cook, them, and the mindfulness that we should take on while we are nourishing our bodies.
Currently, Will has been attending school, teaching cooking and nutrition classes, training for his running pursuits, and working on projects that include a cooking and nutrition-focused high school culinary non-profit program as well as starting a nutrition-focused summer camp. You can find Will’s writing in Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine issues and on his own healthy and active living blog, Eat, Run, and Done.


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